Wyrrd Rune

“Wyrrd Rune is a home-based jewelry studio run by creative couple – Ziru and Lionel. While Lionel is the illustration arm of Wyrrd Rune, Ziru helms the studio as its main jewelry maker and designer – telling stories through her jewelry works and also as a personal diary charting her everyday experiences and challenges, emotions, the people around her and her love for anime and cosplay. At their first Creative Market, Ziru and Lionel will be sharing works pertaining to their beloved self-created mascots of happiness (inspired from the Seven Gods of Happiness/七福神) and paying homage with their designs to the upcoming summer season.”

Booth Url/website: https://www.facebook.com/wyrrdrune/

Merchandise list:Hand-rendered Illustrations and handmade bags and jewelry merchandises from Wyrrd Rune’s originally created “5 symbols” mascots – Ai-chan, Shi-chan, Kin-chan, Genki-chan and Fukuo-chan, as well as still-in-the-works original stories.

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