We welcome all original creators – artists, crafters, illustrators, comic creators & more.

Update: Thank you for your interest. Booth applications are now closed.


Booth applications for Creative Market 2018 are now open!  

Please note that Creative Market is an Original Creations only event.

We respect the intellectual property rights of original creators, and do not allow illegal, 
unlicensed products (including unlicensed fan art) to be sold during the event.  

Booth Information:

1. Booth spaces are limited.

  • Approx. 4ft x 2.5ft table area with 2 chairs.
  • Table does not come with tablecloth / skirting.
  • Booth owners may bring their own tablecloth or rent from the organiser at S$10 per tablecloth (we will collect back the table cloth at the end of the event)

2. Booth owners are advised not to leave their tables uncovered.

3. Booth registration is meant for the full event duration.

4. There is no electrical plug supply at the booth by default. If you need electricity supply,  please indicate in your application.   

5. Items for sale during Creative Market must be original and/or licensed creations. 

6. Event floorplan will be released prior to the event.         

Booth Rates
For Original Artists / Creator Booths

(maximum 2 artists / groups per booth)

S$60.00 per booth
For Non-Profit Organisation

(maximum 2 artists / groups per booth)

S$100.00 per booth
For Company / Commercial Booths S$150.00 per booth

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Booth spaces are limited.
  2. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.   
  3. Booth registration is meant for 1 day.
  4. Booth is not provided with electrical plug supply.
  5. There will be an additional charge of S$40 for each electrical plug supply. Requests for any additional electrical devices (plug, lights etc.) are subject to additional charges.
  6. Items for sale during Creative Market must be original and / or licensed creations.   
  7. Items for sale or Art Demonstration during Creative Market should not include content which is explicitly sexual/violent or controversial. If item is not suitable for the young, please kindly indicate on your merchandise.   
  8. Event floorplan will be released prior to the event.
  9. Each booth is limited to a maximum of 2 artists in-charge.   
  10. Groups under different names (2 different groups) are not allowed to share one booth. (Individuals are exempted.)
  11. If booth owners did not turn up for the event, booth owners will be blacklisted and booth will be taken away. There will be no refund of booth fees for no-show.   
  12. The Organizers of Creative Market are not responsible for the sales volume of your merchandise. 
  13. The Organizers of Creative Market are not responsible for any content presented by the Artist/ Group.    
  14. Booth owners are  responsible  for  making  sure  that  artworks  and  merchandise  on  display or for sale are not illegal or pirated items noted in Singapore.    
  15. The Organizers of Creative Market are not responsible should any artist/booth owner is caught selling illegal merchandise by relevant authorities.    
  16. Booths owners caught selling illegal and pirated items will be asked to leave the event immediately and will be blacklisted.   
  17. All artists are advised to behave in a proper, positive and friendly manner during the event.
  18. Booth owners are responsible for any damaged booths or items on loan.    
  19. A confirmation email will be sent upon approval and successful application of booth.
  20. Please seek permission from booth owners before taking any photos.


  1. Booth payment is due within 3 working days after you have submitted your application.   
  2. Your booth application will be cancelled if we do not receive any payment within 3 working days from your date of application.   
  3. Please inform us once payment is made via IBanking & ATM Fundtransfer. 
    ( A print screen of the transaction slip is needed as proof of payment.)  
    Do inform us if there is any delay on payments transaction.

Publicity and Promotion: 

  • We will promote participating artists / groups / companies on our website and social media (Forums, Facebook , Twitter and Blogs )
  • Participating artists / groups / companies are to provide us the following materials for publicity by 2nd July 2018:    
    • Web banner (851px x 315px , RGB, jpg/png/gif/jpeg format)
    • Merchandise lists and pictures of merchandise for sale (RGB, jpg/png/gif/jpeg format)
    • Booth description / write-up

For any enquiries, please email to creativemarketsg@gmail.com or contact us at 6748 6778. 

Update: Thank you for your interest. Booth applications are now closed.


* Please read the terms & conditions before filling up the form.



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