1. Original Comics Exhibition 1 Jul - 27 Jul -
     A one month long Original Art Exhibition which showcases artworks from both professional and amateur

2. Creative Talks 2 Jul–
     A series of talks by veteran and professional creators to share their creative experience.

3. Original Comics Workshop 16 Jul -
    Our senior creators will provide guidance on comic creation techniques during the workshop.

    Participants with outstanding works and participants who show potential will receive further training and have
    their works published in our online free-to-read comic magazine - Pura ComixMag.

4. Original Comics Interactive Discussion Panel 2 Jul - 
     Engage in direct interactions in this panel discussion between comic creators, cartoon lovers and readers
creative knowledge and the comics scene in Singapore. We have also invited professional cartoonists
to share 
about the  animation industry and market information.

5. Creative Market 29 Jul -
     A local event which promotes original works from various authors and creators, providing a platform for
to market and sell their works and creations. (For more details, vist our Creative Market website here.)

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