Wee Tian Beng

Wee Tian Beng is the first local comic artist to break into the International Comics Market.
His comics had sold over serveral million copies, which is a commercial miracle in
Singapore Comics Industry.

Various Languages of The Return Of Condor Heros & The Adventures of Wisely

( Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese , English , Korean, Thailand, Indonesian Language)
Singapore First Illustration Book ~
The Adventures of Wisely Comic Illustration Book

Various Languages of The Celestial Zone

( Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese , English , France , Spanish, Korean, Thailand, Indonesian Language)

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Tian Beng reaceived an Award of Creative Excellence~ Outstanding Contribution to the Singapore Comic Industry from ACAS on the Singapore Book Fair 2016. This award is presented by Jerry Hinds , President of Association of Comics Artists (Singapore)( ACAS)

Tian Beng was honored to get support by SG50 Celebration Fund, together with 11 comic lovers and artists to work on and publish a Commemorative Comic Anthology “ Our Months Together”, as well as distributing out 50,000 copies ( English / Chinese version ) for Free. Plus free digital version allows everyone to read for Free too.

Tian Beng has been invitied to create a comic series for USA S2 Games' latest gameplay~ "STRIFE".

Recently, Tian Beng's comics had been translated into 11 different languages: Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese , English , French , Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian ,Thai , Japanese, Korean and German.

To date, he had created almost 200 volumes of comic works and almost 100 merchandising products, setting yet another new record for the Singapore Comics Industry. Tian Beng is often invited to attend International Comics/ Animation events ,exhibit his art works ,give speech and also be the judge of Comics Competitions.

Tian Beng continues his TCZ comics series 5 , TCZ X.2 In the same year, he published the first Singapore children's educational interactive comic " Mini The Celestial Zone" ( a combination of Animation, Comic and Gaming).

 he started the TCZ comics series 4 , TCZ X , a story " When Eastern Spiritual Power Meets Western Magic" ( Total 32 volumes).

Tian Beng founded the Comics Society ( Singapore ).  The aims of the society is to promote Singapore comics culture, discover and nurture new talents in local comics.Tian Beng is the president of the society since its founding.

he created TCZ comic series 3 , The Celestial Zone 21, a sci-fi story which happen in the 21st century Singapore (Total 40 volumes).

During the same year, Tian Beng was invited to conduct seminars and TCZ comic exhibition in Singapore Art Museum & Suntec City Exhibition Centre.

Tian Beng published the First Comic Series Spin-Off in Singapore- The Adventure Of ChiXue.
In the same year, Tian Beng created Singapore 's first Full Colour comics series - The Celestial Zone II ( Total 40 volumes).

he established TCZ Studio Pte Ltd ( The Creative Zone Studio).
Tian Beng started his comic series " The Celestial Zone" ( Total 25 volumes), English and Chinese version. TCZ became the longest and best selling comic series in Singapore .
Tian Beng received the Asian Manga Prestigious Award at the Asian Manga Summit held in Seoul, South Korea.
Tian Beng was invited again by 2 Hong Kong publishers to create comics' series for 2 famous novels "The Advertures of Wisely" by Mr. Ni Kuang and " The Return of Condor Heros " by Louis Cha.

he created " The Dream Allegory", "The Escaper Choice", "The New Frontier" series. Tian Beng was invited by a Taiwan publisher to create his comic "Astronautic", and from there Tian Beng became the Singapore 's first full time professional comic artist.

 Tian Beng published his first comic " The New Frontier".