Low Jia Hui

Low Jia Hui - Author and creator Of Pandora's Scar
Artist Name: Rixou
Graduated from from National University of Singapore.
Email : Pandora Scar
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PandoraScar

Website : http://oasis-sky.deviantart.com

  • Project Manager, Comics Society (Singapore).
  • Comix Pandora Artist, Singapore Doujinshi Group.
  • Artist  & Mentor , Pura ComixMag (Online Comic Magazine).
  • Joined Singapore Press Holdings Comics Fast Food in secondary school.
  • First experienced Comics production as a student reporter with
    Singapore Press Holdings Comics Fast Food.
  • Participated in production of comics anthology ARENA Sci-Fi vol 0 in 2009.
  • Started creating commissions while studying Architecture in National University of Singapore.
  • Free lance Artist creating commissions from both individual authors and commercial companys.
Awards :
• Received 2nd China- Wuhan 2012 International Digital Arts Convention Bronze Award of Excellence.

• Selected for Noise Singapore 2012 The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) and works exhibited in Noise TAP 2012
 Showcase in Goodman Arts Centre and Ion Orchard.

Ongoing Project : PANDORA's SCAR SERIES

Pandora's Scar ~Sentinel City

Pandora's Scar~ Wings

Home Coming & Ti Amo Compile Version

Debut to Feature!