The Celestial Zone X.2 Vol.32 (Grand Finale)

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Finally, to the last issue!
The Celestial Zone X Dimension Vol.32 “X Dimension”
Since the TCZ X series refers to The Celestial Zone X Dimension, it is our final chance to reveal what the X Dimension is or risk being hunted down for it!
Both series of The Celestial Zone X Dimension drew their inspiration from an imagined drawing…
what did the drawing compose of…?
It will all be revealed in this issue!


Author : Wee Tian Beng
Vol.32 : X Dimension (Grand Finale)
ISBN: 978-981-4707-71-8
Publishing Date :  8th June 2018
No. of Pages : 64
Color Mode : Full Colour

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 14.85 × 21 cm