[02] The Celestial Zone II (Colour Version) ( Published since 2003 - 2006)

Story Summary of “The Celestial Zone” ( TCZ Series 2 in ancient attire)
A continuation of The Celestial Zone 1 in full colour version

The Celestial Zone is a refreshing fantasy cum martial arts comic series.
The storyline is set in the Warring States Era in ancient Chinese history about a group of Righteous youths who use their spiritual powers to protect commoners from powerful forces of the evil realm, which leads to a series of intense battles!

Besides exciting fighting scenes between good and evil, there are also kinship, friendship and love stories between different characters.
These touching storylines are sure to touch your heartstrings.

The breakthrough creativity in The Celestial Zone will definitely bring you into new realms of imagination!

Synopsis of The Celestial Zone 2

The Celestial Zone is set during the Warring States Era in China. During that period, the armies of seven states – Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Zhao, Wei and Han engaged in violent battles against each other to expand their territories for their personal gain. As the rages of war drew on, countless innocent commoners were killed and their souls roamed the surface of the earth. The evil realm fed on the souls to increase their strength. In the realm of the Celestial Zone, there emerged two groups of people with supernatural strength. One was evil and the other was a group of young people who followed the path of righteousness.

The evil forces began to attack the defenseless commoners and took away their provisions and killed them.
The youth from the path of righteousness rose up to protect the innocent commoners and sought to vanquish the evil forces.
The battle between good versus evil thus erupted. The unique storyline also weaves in portions of China’s history as well as interesting facts that are both educational and entertaining. This, coupled with the wide variety of characters has made The Celestial Zone an interesting read for their fans.

“The Celestial Zone” is a new age period comics boasting martial arts and cultural info.

“The Celestial Zone” is not the usual martial arts comics characterized by a high body count and little else.
The author skillfully weaves in cultural information as the story develops. This includes the background of the Warring States Era, Taoism, Ancient folk songs, Weiqi game, acupuncture-moxibusion, the 4 Celestial Creatures of China, etc, so the reader can pick up useful knowledge while being entertained.
Some of the characters in the series are also based on famous personalities like Kuafu, Yimu tribe from the
Chinese classic Shanhaijing, Qiong Qi, the Jiaos, Dragon Fish, the Three-star Mounds of the Shu Civilisation and China’s Four Celestial Creatures – Green Dragon and White Tiger.

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