[05] The Celestial Zone X ( Published since 2009 - 2012)

Story Summary of “The Celestial Zone X”
( TCZ Series 4 when Eastern Spiritual Power meets Western Magic )

In the Ancient East, a group of people devoted themselves to The Way of Nature.
Through strict spiritual and physical training, they are able to withdraw and manipulate unlimited power from the surrounding environment.
They called this forceful power from nature Spiritual Power!
They dwelled in a realm that differs from the norm, and they domain the Celestial Zone!

However in this vast world there lie many secrets and surprises!
Apart from Eastern Spiritual Power, there are other forms of ultimate power in other parts of the world. That is the Western Magic Power!

An adventure story which a group of Eastern and Western Righteous youths joint force together
to protect commoners from powerful forces of the evil realm!

The Celestial Zone X is set during the war of a Western period.
Besides exciting fighting scenes between good and evil, there are also kinship, friendship and love stories between different characters.
These touching storylines are sure to touch your heartstrings.

The breakthrough creativity in The Celestial Zone X will definitely bring you into new realms of imagination from the Eastern and Western Culture!

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