[04] The Celestial Zone 21( Published since 2006 - 2009)

Story Summary of “The Celestial Zone 21 ” ( TCZ Series 3 in modern attire)
The Celestial Zone 21 is situated in the 21st Century.

Story Outline

TCZ 21 is the first Manga set in the 21st Century Singapore, you will find many buildings and street scenes familiar to you.

This story begins with a girl named Xiao Xun or Lavender, who is a Telekinetic Mentor (a trainer of Telekinetic abilities).
She came to Singapore in search of the scion of the Telekinetic Energy.
Under the arrangement of his sister, Mi Yu, Mi Sheng (a manga artist) met Lavender and
the siblings learnt more about the “telekinetic abilities” through her.

Lavender has a “Mentor’s Stone”, which can uncover people with the hidden “telekinetic abilities”.
At the same time, several other telekinetic custodians arrive with the intention of seizing Lavender’s “Mentor’s Stone”.

The story briefly describes the life and working environment of a manga artist.
As two different telekinetic factions duel over the custody of the “Mentor’s Stone”, the story climbs to a new height
while showcasing various colorful and interesting characters in witty and engaging exchanges.

The expression of the story
The story revolves around the escapades of its three lead characters (2 females and 1 male); it is meant to emphasize the notion that
“good will always triumph over evil”. Presented in an exaggerated teen idol drama fashion
(with a slight science fiction twist), this story is a light hearted and engaging read.

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