Pura Comixmag

Original comic magazine "Pura ComixMag" is Singapore's first electronic comic showcase, as well as one of the key projects for TCZ Studio Comics Society since 2012.

This project aims to develop local comics talents to create a more robust platform which will tentacles extend to more talented young people.

At the same time to create a business mechanism environment, to construct and improve the entire comic ecosystem. This will help Comics Society to achieve self-sufficiency, have the potential to encourage more young talents to become a full-time professional comic artist.

Do you want to participate in the production of "Pura ComixMag" to produce creative comic? As long as you submit your work to achieve the accreditation standards, you have the opportunity to be invited to publish works in this electronic comic magazine. This electronic comic magazine is supported by National Arts Council.

Among many comic stories, we will eventually help the most popular comic story to become independent electronic comic books. And the introduction of a physical book, which will help young talents as a first step, helping them to continue the creation of comic series, and sell comic in the market.

Visit more information @ http://puracomixmag.com/

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